Creating Printable Speech Therapy Materials

I have received many emails over the past few months asking how I create my printable Speech Therapy Materials. Some of you want to create for your own use and others are interested in opening a store on Teachers pay to sell your creations.

A close frind of mine was also interested in starting her own store and I promised to "tutor" her over email during the summer.

A quick straw poll on Facebook showed that many of you were interested in "listening in" on the classes I was writing for my friend and so I opened it up for you to join us! Simply enter your email address below and you will receive the free classes automatically.

The original group that signed up, also filled out a survey for me so that I could tailor the classes to suit their needs. You can fill out the same survey here to tell me what you need.

One of the biggest hurdles that all of you were facing was "I don't have enough time to create materials!"

As we worked through the classes the group decided that pre-made templates for product creation would be super-handy for them to have and so Timesaving Templates for TPT Sellers was created!

You will read all about the templates as you go through the classes but if you want to grab your copy of these easy to use templates for creating task cards, covers, previews and more then you can find them by clicking here to go through to my store. You can also click the image below.

The original class ran several weeks ago now and we have formed a nice little group on Facebook to share ideas, chat and to support each other in building our business online.

You are more than welcome to join us! The sign up for the email classes is below. The classes are free and will arrive to your inbox over a 2 week period. At the end you will have the option to click and join our group!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and to helping you start your store! Enter your email address below and we can get started straightaway!

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