Dr Seuss Book Collection

by Kathryn

Using the Dr Seuss Book Collection beginner books to develop early reading and rhyming skills in young children.

Number of Players: Read one to one or to a group

Ages: 0 to 100!

Target: Useful for identifying rhyming words and patterns. Great for early positional language or for artic practice.

The Dr Seuss Book collection, in fact any story by Dr Seuss, generally needs no introduction. Dr Seuss was a genius with words and had such a genuine love of children and of making them happy that his books have delighted generations.

He won a Pulitzer prize in 1984 for over half a century of contribution to great children’s literature. Just in case you have never read any of his books, think of the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. The rhyming verses and fantastic illustrations are typical of Seuss and the same magic can be found in all of his books.

The Beginner book collection comprises 5 Dr Seuss classics – The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish, Hop on Pop and Fox in Socks. The boxed set is often purchased as a baby gift to get a child’s book collection off to a great start.

The rhyming words in these stories can be read to your child at any age and have the same positive benefits as nursery rhymes in teaching them the natural rhythm and joys of spoken language.

Using the Dr Seuss Book Collection in Speech Therapy

The Dr Seuss first books are great for beginning readers as they tend to have a small amount of original words, arranged in creative and interesting ways. This way it is easy for kids to learn to read the words featured in the book and gain great confidence as they suddenly find they can read the whole book!

Children who have difficulty with speech sounds are at a higher risk of going on to struggle with reading. By making sure they have a good foundation in the rhythm of speech and rhyming words, you can do your best to help them with this.

Each book has unique features that lend themselves to language teaching. Here are a few of them to give you a flavour and a taste for Dr Seuss!

The Cat in the Hat

With over 60 pages of rhyming verse you will struggle to find a story containing more rhyming words than the Cat in the Hat!

By simply reading this story to your child in their early years and breathing life into the story through the use of expression in your voice, you are giving them an innate sense of rhyme. Once they are learning to read, you can use the text to point out the written similarities between words that rhyme. If they can read cat then surely they can also read mat, fat, bat and of course hat!

The illustrations in this book are second to none and once you have read the story to your child many times, they will be able to tell it back to you using the pictures, long before they can read. Fantastic for developing confidence in literacy!

Hop on Pop

The cover line tells you this is “the simplest Seuss for youngest use” and that is certainly true if you are working with your child on their reading skills. With two or three short, large font words per page along with a short sentence, it is very manageable for beginning readers.

Don’t be put off by the lack of text. As always, the story in this book is carried through the illustrations so don’t forget to give your child time to look at, explore and talk about the pictures. Simply skipping through the text will not do this book justice.

From a language teaching perspective Hop on Pop is excellent for reinforcing language concepts. The first few pages use language of position in a humorous way as you look at “Pup in cup” and then “cup on Pup”. Other concepts illustrated include tall and small, day and night as well as other prepositions such as through and up.

Green Eggs and Ham

I typically use this story to inspire some imagination and creativity with language among my students. Once we have read the story we talk about whether they would eat green eggs and ham. If not, why not? What do they like to eat and why? What other foods can they make up that would be yukky?

Of course, the original purpose of the book was to give confidence to beginner readers through repetition of key phrases but this also applies to speech. If your child has been attending speech services for articulation and is coming towards the end of treatment and mastering their sounds, try some of the phrases from this book for extra practice.

Read it to your child forst and enjoy the story and then have them tell you key, memorable phrases using the pictures as a guide and using their new clear speech.

Fox in Socks

Described as a tongue twister for super children, this is yet another rhyming masterpiece. Like Hop on Pop it reinforces language of position and like Green Eggs and Ham it works well as a fun reinforce for clear articulation.

Most of all, like all of the Dr Suess Book Collection, it makes great and memorable fun that your child will share with their own kids as Dr Suess will outlast the generations as a children’s classic!

Now you know all there is to know about the the Dr Seuss Book Collection – you are ready to read. Have fun!
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