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How to Use An Educational Baby Toy to Promote Communication Development

fisher price infant toys

Which Fisher Price Infant Toys are best to develop your baby's early language skills ?

When your baby is in their first few months of development, the only toy they need is you! Your face, your voice, your arms as you rock them and play with them. But once they start to sit unsupported, it is time to introduce some good quality educational baby toys.

How do we develop communication in infants through play?

You are looking for a toy that is interesting and engaging to your infant so that you can hold their attention while you work on early language skills at their level, playing together on the floor.

The range of toys available for babies today is far greater than in times gone by. All claim educational value and there certainly are some great products on the market. Personally, I am very fond of Fisher Price Toys

Maybe it is the nostalgia factor in that they have not changed a great deal since we were small! Or maybe it is that by keeping things simple and limiting noise and flashing lights, your child is able to fully explore the toy but most importantly play with you, their parent rather than play alone.

Fisher Price Infant Toys Shopping Guide.

When shopping for Educational Infant Toys for Language Development. Here are the key points to keep in mind.

  • Simple is better - don't pass over an item because it doesn't have the flashing lights that are so popular today.

  • Choose bright colours for visual stimulation.

  • Consider the language stimulation techniques below. Choose a toy where you can play face to face with your child and take turns.

  • Try and find an item that is adaptable to give you the best value. One toy with many uses gives you the best value for money, an important factor for all of us these days!

  • I Recommend ...

    If you are looking for Fisher Price Infant Toys then I recommend the Fisher Price Stack and Roll.

  • Like traditional stacking cups, there is one of each colour that fit in the correct order to build a tower. Try helping your baby to take turn with you. "Mommy's turn" "Annie's turn"

  • The cups fit together in pairs to make a ball and there is a smaller "jingle ball" included to turn a pair of balls into a rattle

  • As your child gets older, the bright, primary colours mean you can use these for colour naming and recognition.

  • My son loves to spin a cup away from himself with his hand, then crawl and chase after it - he could do this all day!

  • There is plenty of opportunity for face to face time as you build a tower together or lay down on the floor and play with the cups and balls.

  • Fisher Price infant toys are very reasonably priced, meaning you can get a great selection for the same price as you would give for one more expensive item.

  • Quality toy stores will stock the Fisher Price Stack and Roll locally. If you want to buy this toy online, it is currently on sale here.

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Sing Nursery Rhymes and Action Songs

Traditional songs and rhymes have hand actions that let your child join in and take a turn, even before they can sing the words.

This helps to work on listening, attention, imitation and turntaking, all important skills for Speech and Language development!