Preschool Speech Therapy Activities

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Adorable characters found throughout these preschool speech therapy activities are sure to encourage the comprehension and use of early language concepts.

Preschool speech therapy activities bundle

Activities Included:

  • Understanding and Using Early Pronouns: Targets early pronouns 'he' 'she' 'they' 'his' 'hers' 'theirs' 'him' 'her' and 'them'

  • Understanding and Using Early Prepositions: Targets early prepositions 'in' 'on' and 'under'

  • Understanding and Using Early Verbs: Features early verbs such as 'running' 'jumping' 'standing' and 'swimming' plus more!

  • Understanding and Using Early Adjectives: Features early adjectives 'clean' 'dirty' 'empty' and 'full', as well as using negatives when describing

  • Understanding and Using Regular Plurals: Targets following simple instructions and using sentences containing regular plurals

  • Understanding and Using Possessive 's': Targets the awareness and use of possessive 's' for possession in simple sentences

  • Asking Questions: Targets simple questions 'Where?' and 'What...doing?'

  • Vocabulary Building: Targets early nouns including activities for sorting and describing

Each pack contains 'At Home' instruction sheets for parents to encourage follow through and home practice.

Bonus instructions are included on "following multi-step instructions" to encourage the student to carryout a series of two related commands.

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Possessive s speech therapy activities



vocabulary building speech therapy activities

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