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Choosing the Best Vtech Toys

VTech toys are very popular toys for all ages of children. They are electronic toys, typically with lights and music and range from baby rattles for very young children to learning laptops suitable for up to age 7.

They are not a toy that is particularly useful for developing communication but because they are so popular and parents often ask me for my opinion on them I have included a review of them here.

They are high quality toys that are well designed to hold the attention of young children and aim to give educational value through play. You will struggle to find a household with young children that doesn't have at least one of these toys. In our own house, we had at least 5 different toys given to us within days of having our son home and have acquired several more since. Some of these are excellent, others, not so great...

So which VTech Toys should you buy for your child ?

VTech Toys Shopping Guide.

vtech toys
  • For babies and infants, look for toys with a mirror or lights for visual stimulation and interesting engaging music or tunes.

  • I would personally avoid those that focus on teaching letters, shapes, colours or numbers for very young children. There is plenty of time for learning these concepts once a strong language foundation is in place.

  • Toys that teach nursery rhymes are a good idea, particularly if this is an area you feel you neglect in your toddlers daily learning.

We Recommend ...

If you are looking for a VTech Toy for a child under two, I recommend the VTech sit to stand walker. My son just adores it!

  • We were given ours by a friend whose daughter had outgrown it so it is robust enough to survive more than one owner.

  • It is designed to take a child from sitting up playing on the floor through crawling right up to walking and in my son's case running so watch out furniture! This is achieved through the removable play panel. In essence, the front panel of the walker containing all the bottons, lights and sounds, can be removed and placed on the floor to play. As the child begins to pull to standing, the panel is attached to the toy and they crouch and play.

  • The tunes and phrases are very catchy and your child will love to "wiggle" to the music as they play "Puppy says.."

  • The phone handset encourages pretend play as your little one calls a friend!

  • My main reason for recommending this toy over the many other quality VTech toys on the market is it's potential for interaction. Because of the large play panel, my son and I can both play together with this toy giving us some quality floor play.

You can probably find the VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker in a store in your locality. However, if you get this toy online, it is currently on sale at 20% OFF here.

Back from Vtech Toys to Language Development...

Quotes that inspire...

"Reading and writing float on a sea of talk"

James Britton,

Top Talking Tips...

Sing Nursery Rhymes and Action Songs

Traditional songs and rhymes have hand actions that let your child join in and take a turn, even before they can sing the words.

This helps to work on listening, attention, imitation and turntaking, all important skills for Speech and Language development!

kids games for speech therapy

5 Top Speech Therapy Toys and Games...

  • The Guess Who? game
  • Bubbles
  • Mr Potato Head
  • The Headbandz game
  • Matching Pairs

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